Fix your non-bootable linux partition

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  1. Thanks for your help.
    I also had a problem with my laptop.
    I live in Chile and yesterday suddenly we didn’t have light, so my laptop turned off. Later I wanted to turn it on but the screen was dark with sort of menu which said:
    ” ubuntu generic
    Ubuntu recovery mode
    Ubuntu generic
    Ubuntu recovry mode
    etc ( like 10 times the same)
    I tried each one to see if something happened but it didn’t work. I don’t know what to do and i need my laptop. I have searched so muuch information but i havent found an answer.
    I put the ubuntu 10.10 and it didn’t work. Later i downloand “Recatux” which i read it is a very good programm for this situations but it didn’t work. If i put a cd or a USB connection it doesnt work….
    The message of my problem is:
    Target filesystem doesn’t have requested /sbin/init.
    No init found. Try passing init=bootarg

    Please help me, what can i do??
    Bye bye

  2. Hello,

    I tried the fix you propose but it didn’t work for me. It might be that I have a slightly different problem. I run Joli 1.2 OS alongside Windows XP. When I start my netbook (Mini 10) it gives me the choise between the 2. When I choose Jolicloud i get the message below:

    No init found. Try passing init=bootrag
    Busybox v1.13.3 (Ubuntu 1:1.13.3-1ubuntu11) built-in shell (ash)
    Enter “help” for a list of commands

    I have a usb key and I used it to boot from there. I used the terminal and typed the commands you gave sudo fdisk -l and sudo blkid . From what I understand from the results is that I only have 2 ntfs partitions. I don’t see Linux anywhere as if it was never there. I know that I can reinstall Jolicloud from the usb but I had some documents there that I really want to save. Do you think you can help me anyway?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Eleni,

      As you said, your problem is a little bit different but I can try to help you out.
      Unfortunately my experiences with Joli OS are absolutely nothing, lol.
      Can’t you just sync your documents you want to save and then restart Joli? I’d say it’s the easiest way.
      If not, tell me and I’ll try to think of something else.

      Best regards.

  3. Hello Felipe,

    Thanks for your reply. I cant see documents and I don’t know how to sync. My hard drive has 3 partitions, 2 are for Windows and the other one that was the one Jolicloud was using it know says it is unallocated. How can I access that part? Is there any way through windows or by using the usb key for jolicloud?
    What happened was that the last time I used jolicloud it started to boot but the screen was unreadable (it had lines going trhough it) so after trying to restart with alt del ctrl, I switched off. And it has booted since.
    I am no expert in computers so i’m trying to find help on the net. If you think of anything to help me out, much appreciated.

    1. Hello again,

      Sorry that it took so long for me to answer, I’ve been busy, Let me ask you something first, are you Brazilian or speak portuguese? I could see you sent me an ‘obrigada’, lol.
      Well, have you already fixed your problem? If not, you said you have three partitions, 2 win and 1 for Jolicloud, do you know how this Jolicloud partition is formated? I mean, ext3, ntfs?
      Like I said, I have never used Jolicloud, so I don’t know how it works. Depending on this format, I can think of a way to recover it.

      About the sync, I watched a video on YouTube about Jolicloud and seemed that it syncs automatically, do you have Chrome installed on your Windows? I know that there’s a Jolicloud version for Chrome on Chrome Store.
      You can try to install it and check if your documents are there.

      Best regards.

  4. Hi Felipe,

    No I’m not Portuguese or Brazilian and unfortunately I only now very few things to say in Portuguese. I do have Brazilian friends though so when I saw you were from Brazil I thought I add a little something 🙂
    I still haven’t been able to recover my files. From what I understand Jolicloud uses the cloud for your applications but not your files which are stored in your hard drive. I did try what you reccomend and all the apps I had downloaded were there but none of my documents.
    I have no idea how the partition is formatted. ( I don’t even understand what that means really well) All I can tell you is that my Windows had a C and D drive and when I installed the Jolicloud OS I used the Windows Installer.
    Anyway I managed to get in touch with some people from Jolicloud and they couldn’t help me either, so I’m just using Windows for now and hope that I will come to a solution somehow.
    I will let you know either way since it might be something you consider interesting.

    Thanks for coming back to me.

  5. Hello,

    I’ve been looking around on the internet and I found on wikipedia an article that says that Jolicloud installs ext4 partition. The problem is that I can’t see it. I downloaded Recover data for Linux to see if it could find any files and on the quick scan it came up with no Linux partitions. I’m doing the extended scan now. The whole thing is weird. Surely if the files are there they should come up in a recovery file software no?


    1. Hi,

      Well, if its an ext4 partition, perhaps you can recover your files with a linux cd, I’m not sure though.
      I found you on Skype (sorry, lol), if you could add me, I believe it’s easier to try to help you.


  6. I get busybox v1.13.3 everytime i boot. I have an HP mini with no cd-rom drive and no flash drive is available to me. The computer was plugged in during a power outtage. plz help

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