How to convert from your Class object to byte[] and vice versa and send it through Sockets

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Using git with gitignore and Dropbox for your C# projects!

Hello everybody! After a long time without any single post, I’m back here to give you an awesome tip. How to use git for your C# projects, and the best part, with Dropbox, so you can access your files wherever you are. (Ok, that’s a little too much).

Git is a tool to control revision and you can find everything in here, the official website.


For my C# environment I use Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010, if you have the same, I totally recommend that you install a gitBash, it can be easily downloaded and installed from here.


How to place your C# application in the System Tray

Hello people! It’s been an era since my last post, I’ve been busy and.. must confess, a little bit lazy to post here. But (again) I will try to keep this blog alive, since I’m dealing with different kind of problems every single day, I have a lot to contribute.


It was no different today, I had to deal with a simple thing, how to place my application in the System Tray, simple, huh? But I had never done it before, so I’m going to do it in 4 quick steps. There’s no mistake.