Using git with gitignore and Dropbox for your C# projects!

Hello everybody! After a long time without any single post, I’m back here to give you an awesome tip. How to use git for your C# projects, and the best part, with Dropbox, so you can access your files wherever you are. (Ok, that’s a little too much).

Git is a tool to control revision and you can find everything in here, the official website.


For my C# environment I use Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010, if you have the same, I totally recommend that you install a gitBash, it can be easily downloaded and installed from here.


Easy way to plot graphs with C# and Visual Studio 2010

Ola, amigos! Here I am again to another tutorial. This time I’m going to give you a brief tutorial teaching you how to plot graphs using a component called Chart, its recommended for you to take a look at its documentation before.


Well, for almost for years developing in C#, last month was the first time I ended up drawing graphs in an application I’m developing. After a couple of hours looking at the internet, I found an easy way to do it. You only need to add the coordinates, x and y, or only one of those and that’s it. It’s done!


Print from a listbox using C#

Well, I decided to get this blog started by posting a C# tutorial, and try to lead you how to print the content of a listbox. If you have some data, and you’d like to print it without using all that report stuff, it’s an easy and safe way to go.

So let’s code…

I’m using Visual Studio 2010, but you should use the one you’re used to, I’m almost sure it’s going to work well in different versions too. So, first of all, create a new Project, a New Form Application one.

After that, fill your form with a listbox and one button, it should look like that.pic1

We must have data to print, so go to onLoad() method and fill your listbox.